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When you work with a Calgary insurance broker, your broker gets to know your unique needs. With that information, your personal insurance representative can dive into a marketplace that they already know well to find the right matches for you. Your broker presents several quotes to you, then helps you compare them, pointing out the differences and helping you understand the relative value of each offer.

Once you’ve made your choice, your insurance broker handles all the paperwork, delivering your signatures to the insurance company and making sure you have your policy documents plus any required proof of insurance. Your relationship with your broker isn’t over there, however. Your broker remains a constant source of information and helps you manage your policies, letting you know when it’s time to renew or upgrade them.

And no, you don’t have to pay your broker. Your insurance company pays a commission, so your broker can stay fully transparent and on your side throughout all transactions.


Why should I work with a Broker?

When you work with an insurance broker to find home, auto or business insurance, you have an advocate who’s on your side. Your broker isn’t working with any insurance company or trying to meet a quote. Instead, you get great advice that puts your needs first. You also get a wider range of choices and often better pricing.

Your insurance broker has all the know-how that you don’t have the time to amass. Your broker assesses your personal risk, then finds the right insurance options to make sure you have the optimal protection. Working with a broker lets you relax, knowing you’re getting the right insurance at the best price.