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Home Insurance

Your Home

This coverage is for the real estate property that makes up your home, which includes things like the roof, floors, countertops, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, windows, etc…

Contents Insurance Coverage


Property insurance also provides coverage for your personal belongings or “contents” of your home.

Identity Theft Insurance Coverage

Identity Theft

Identify theft coverage protects against damages and additional costs associated that ensue in identity theft situations. This includes legal fees and loss of income.

Home Systems Insurance Coverage

Home Systems

Home systems protection covers the costs of replacing major appliances, entertainment systems and other auxiliary systems if they unexpectedly fail.

Homeowner Liability Coverage

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects you from legal claims arising from the use of your property.

Overland Water Coverage

Overland Water

This covers costs to repair damages from flooding.

Sewer Backup Insurance Coverage

Sewer Backup

Protects you from sewer backup and burst pipes/

Service Lines Insurance

Service Lines

Service line coverage will help repair damage to the utility pipes and wires that come into your home.

Condominium Deductible Insurance Coverage

Condo Deductible

This coverage is for condo owners. If the condominium corporation makes an insurance claim, the owners may have to pay part of the deductible.


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Property Insurance Client Stories

Our clients say it best. Here are some of their experiences:

I have been a customer of Mammoth for a while now and I am very impressed with their professional and courteous work ethic. I want to especially give my kudos to Nathan. He has been a great help in getting me covered for vehicle and home insurance. He is extremely efficient when I need his help. I was literally in the DMV lineup needing a copy of my pink slip and texted him saying I needed a digital copy. Within seconds he was on the ball and I was able to get a copy before being turned away at the wicket! Thank you so much for your help! I never had this rapport with the big companies!
Jason L
Jason L
We were looking for a new insurance broker when our previous broker was closing his office. We had heard of Mammoth Insurance from family members so we reached out to them. We have been very happy with Mammoth Insurance and in particularly, Nate Jerowsky. Nate has been great to deal with. When our home insurance policy was about to come due Nate contacted us. He said that if we were to switch providers we could have significant savings. We were very grateful that he was looking into things and finding us the best rates available.
Shelley M.
Shelley M.
Moved back to Canada and had to get auto and home insurance. Carla helped explain the whole process and helped me get the best options for my situation. Would highly recommend
Samantha A.
Samantha A.
We moved our home and auto policies over to Mammoth earlier this year. Our broker, Jason, has been incredible to deal with. He’s been extremely efficient and professional from the start. It actually feels like he cares about our business, unlike our previous advisor with Allstate. He saved us over $1,100/year and made the switch over to Mammoth super easy and seamless. Would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking for an Insurance Broker!
Riley B.
Riley B.
I moved back to Alberta almost 2 years ago and got in touch with Carla and asked her to arrange home and auto insurance. She arranged both and has done a great job for me. When I moved, there was a bit of a snag in cancelling my previous insurance in Saskatchewan but Carla took care of everything for me. Carla is very knowledgeable and I would be happy recommending her services to anyone.
Donna A.
Donna A.
I got a quote for my home from Carla and she was so helpful. Very professional, answered all of my questions and was nice to talk to. (And she answers her phone...what a bonus). Definitely reccommend.
Mirandamus P.
Mirandamus P.
Rachel give me some solid insurance advice on my home and auto, to make sure I was properly protected.
Jason L.
Jason L.
I have been extremely impressed with Niall Higgins efforts to provide me with the best possible quotation for auto/home insurance. He spent considerable amount of time in going through our paperwork and provided recommendations throughout the process. What amazes me the most is that I have never seen anyone so passionate about looking for every possible savings for their customers. I cannot praise Niall enough for all his efforts & truly and highly recommend him.
Wajiha S.
Wajiha S.

Renter/Tenant Insurance FAQ

Here are some common property insurance questions from tenants and renters.

What does renters/tenants insurance cover?

Renters insurance – also known as tenants insurance – covers any damage that may happen to your items in the place you’re renting. This includes personal property you own, wear, or use to maintain your dwelling. It also covers any of your items that are temporarily removed from your home anywhere in the world. Tenants insurance includes reimbursement for any additional living expenses incurred if you are forced to stay out of your dwelling for an extended period of time due to damage or if prohibited by civil authority. Renters insurance does not cover the actual building you are renting; it is the responsibility of those you are renting from to insure the building under a rental property.

Is renters insurance required?

Although renters insurance is not required, it is highly recommended. Even though tenants insurance does not cover the building you are staying in, if anything were to happen to the building that affects your personal property – such as a fire that burns the whole dwelling down – your personal property would not be covered without renters insurance. Renters insurance is relatively inexpensive, averaging at about $30 per month, and ensures the safety of your personal property in the case of a loss.